wax pen connoisseur pen $60.00

The Wax Pen Micro is the highest quality Micro Pen on the market as it is ultra sleek and discrete.
1 Vaporizer
1 USB charger 
1 Metal tool
Zipper Case

wax pen combo $100.00


The Wax Pen is the true OG original. The feature that matters most on these is the huge bowl that can accept a large amount of concentrate so you rarely have to reload.  This is the highest quality pen on the market with a huge 1100 mah battery and stainless steel coil for long life. Comes complete with :
1 Vaporizer
1 USB charger 
1 Zipper Case



With this Combo you get one Wax Pen brand Connoisseur Pen and one Wax Pen Micro. Both will come with a dab tool and chargers (2) in a Wax Pen Zipper Case and both will have the worlds best Vaporizer Warranty.

These Vape Pens are for use with essential oil, Tobacco wax or eliquid


Wax pen micro $60.00